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<aside> ⭐ See overview video of the Zammo product:

Zammo Informational Video

[Zammo.ai Demo ](https://conversational-ai-faq.notion.site/Zammo-ai-Demo-92eb637dfa68417fada45745424b541a)


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Industry Specific Demo Videos


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Microsoft Partnership Videos


<aside> 📹 Additional informational videos below:

Value of Conversational AI for Your Business

Why Enterprises Should Get on Voice Assistants


Conversational AI Training Courses

Phase 1: General Conversational AI Understanding

Phase 2: Multi-Turn Conversations

Phase 3: Advanced Conversation Design

Phase 4: Maintenance & Feedback Loop

Conversation Module Library

Instructions on how to import these .zip files into your conversation can be found here: How To: Export / Import

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[Zammo.ai Demo Walkthrough](https://conversational-ai-faq.notion.site/Zammo-ai-Demo-Walkthrough-a3c165ddfac04061a19a449ea81cd362)

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