There may be times when your conversational AI application has exhausted all dialogs and control needs to be passed to a human to handle.

The Send Handoff Activity in UI Builder can help you implement this.

In this How To, you'll learn how to use the Send Handoff Activity and integrate UI Builder with the online customer service software LiveChat. You'll see how a conversation is passed from the bot to a human agent in LiveChat. The human agent will send a reply which gets routed via the bot to the user.


This HowTo assumes you have an account with LiveChat. An understanding of the UI Builder Fundamentals is also assumed.


We'll use a password reset use case to illustrate the entire process in action. The process will be as follows:

  1. User prompted for their support issue.
  2. User supplies query.
  3. Human hand-off is invoked and control is passed to LiveChat.
  4. Human Agent replies in the LiveChat client.
  5. The Human Agent response is rendered in the chat window.

<aside> 💡 During testing, the Simulator will be used. Find out more about the Simulator here.


Step 1 - Configure Your Live Agent System

Head to the Integrations page to configure your specific Live Agent System that will be used in your application